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Hey! We're just trying to survive, lady. I'm a tiger. Look at me. You think I can work at a coffee shop? No, no, I can't.

Alia is a main character in the Netflix film Arlo the Alligator Boy and its sequel series, I Heart Arlo. She is a tiger girl who serves as the driver of Teeny Tiny Tony's crew of scam artists before becoming friends with Arlo.




Alia is a tiger - meaning she is orange with black/brown stripes, three of which cover the corners of her head. She has two small round off-white markings between her eyes, and has a sprinkle of freckles on her snout. She wears a red medium-sleeved pullover hoodie which obscures her ears and a fluffy tuft of hair on her head, a grey miniskirt with her tail poking through, black leggings, and white and cyan tennis shoes with no socks. In the series, her skirt is changed to pink.


She has a very enthusiastic and energetic personality. she seems to have a fair amount of confidence in herself and she is very supportive. she does have problems paying attention likely because of ADHD. she is kind when she needs to be and is generally full of life. she is very loyal but she is Sarcastic and often responds in such. she also has a laid-back and is a little lazy but she generally is a brave and protective person.


  • Driving: she can drive well when she isn't distracted but she is mostly distracted by the smallest to biggest of things. she also seems to be on a driver's permit and is self described as super good at driving. she however is good even though it is unknown if she actually has a real license or even tried too.
  • Dumpster diving: underrated skill. in the movie she quickly found arlo new clothes and found a poster that led to the place where they needed to find arlos dad.
  • Heightened senses: As shown in "Be the Turtle", she has the ability to see, hear, and even smell the world differently than her friends do. She can see things from drastically far distances, like how she saw Sign King and the Heart of the Swamp. She can also hear even the slightest of sounds, such as flies buzzing.


Arlo the Alligator Boy

Alia on her bus.

Alia was first seen driving her bus up to the barn where Furlecia wrestled a tough farmer while Tony scammed the barn folk out of their cash. While the two were escaping, Alia opens the door and is about to drive them all away, but the cash was still inside with Arlo, prompting Tony to tell Alia to keep the engine hot. Once Bertie bursts out with Arlo, Alia starts driving right before they could make it to the bus; fortunately, Furlecia pulls the two aboard, but Arlo reveals he gave the cash back to the farmers to the gang's dismay.

Alia chewing Arlo out.

While introducing herself to Arlo and Bertie, Alia reveals despite her reckless and crazy driving, she's on her learner's permit and is good at it. Arlo invites the crew to come to New York with him to meet his birth father, but the crew isn't interested; however, Tony changes his mind upon seeing Arlo is half-alligator and promise on the condition they free their friend Marcellus trapped at an aquarium. When he agrees, Alia gets off her steering post, causing the bus to swerve before getting it back in order.

Arlo frees Marcellus in no time, and the crew celebrates with a dance party on the bus. The fun is cut short though, when Arlo asks Marcellus how it felt when at the aquarium, forcing him to tell of his trauma when taking a rest stop at a beach. The following day when entering New York, Alia ends up leaving her steering post again, causing the bus to swerve as before until finally parking. When asking about whether she should park, the group disperses and she shrugs it off; turns out, she parked the bus in a no parking zone, resulting in it towed.

Alia gets into mischief in New York City.

When exploring the city, Alia sneaks into a cat lady's apartment and tries to sample some of her cat food, but is shooed out. She also briefly digs in a trash can upon meeting up in Times Square, where she reveals she lost the bus. Alia also sees the report of Arlo's dad, Ansel Beauregard, on one of the buildings of One Times Square, and escorts him to his penthouse after Tony gets the address. She then shares a group hug with everyone before he departs the group.

Alia then takes shelter under the boardwalk of the run-down community of Seaside by the Seashore, which is the town Ansel is planning to replace with an expansion as part of his next big project. Alia also reencounters Arlo, who has been cruelly rejected by Ansel last night, and is worried he might not be his dad at all. While the others are checking out the town, Alia digs in the trash and finds Arlo's clothes, as well as a flyer for the Met Gala that evening, and stands on Arlo's side to help him learn the truth.

Alia gets a flower from Arlo.

While at the gala, Alia recognizes the ballroom setup as "the ancient raves of Egypt". With the rest of the gang's help, Alia manages to help Arlo get attention and confront Ansel backstage; during that time, Arlo is captured by hunters Ruff and Stucky, but is rescued by Ansel who reveals he's a bird man and forsaken Arlo for the sake of not wanting to be exposed. The two reunite, but Arlo turns down living with him in favor of Alia and the others, and Ansel decides to cancel his expansion project and have them rebuild Seaside by the Seashore and make it their home. During the restoration, Alia gets her bus back, has it refurbished with a new license plate, and parks it some place in the middle of the town. Later when resting at a newly constructed house, Alia has Arlo put a lotus flower on her hood like he did with Bertie.

I ♥ Arlo

Alia in I ♥ Arlo.

Alia is one of the main characters in the series, which continues the adventures of Arlo after setting up residence at Seaside by the Seashore following its restoration. In the show, Alia resides in her bus, which is parked in an allyway right next to Arlo and Bertie's house, and works as a co-worker for Tony's Pizzeria. In the first season, Alia participates in getting Seaside ready for its Uncondemning party, which is planned by Mayor Elena to celebrate its official return to the city.

She gets a major role in the episode "Be the Turtle", where she is tasked to pick up the foundation plaque for the fountain at Sign King. However, her tiger instincts get the better of her and she is easily distracted and lured away. When Arlo comes to console her, she reveals her ability to see, hear, and even smell the world differently than everyone else. Thanks to encouragement from Arlo to embrace her talent, and with a little help from a group of baby turtles heading out to sea, Alia manages to focus herself enough to get the foundation and bring it back to the fountain without any trouble.

In "Community Garden", she takes part in turning Bertie's private grass lot into a community garden for the Seasiders; her contribution is catnip to attract cats.

In the Season 1 finale, Alia joins Arlo for his journey back to The Swamp to rescue Edmée who is being held hostage; when they find Ruff and Stucky instead, the two former hunters reveal this was all a set-up by the villainous Bog Lady, who is the real one behind the kidnapping. Alia, along with Bertie, follow after Arlo to the Heart of the Swamp where the Bog Lady's domain is located, but she tricks them by using an Arlo knockoff made out of her moth sidekicks. Alia manages to find the Heart thanks to her super senses and changing her perspective; the two make it there where they find Arlo, bewitched by the Bog Lady, who snaps out to the sound of their voices calling to him. Alia takes part in the fight against the Bog Lady by scratching and clawing into her; in the end, the Bog Lady is killed when Edmée blows up her shack, and Alia returns home with Arlo and the others to celebrate Seaside's Uncondemning party.


Click here to view the relationships between Alia and other characters.
Click here to view the relationships between Alia and other characters.

Songs sung by Alia

Foreign voices

  • Munda Mutasiam (Arabic)
  • Luiza Porto (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Silja Okking (Danish)
  • Desi van Doeveren (Dutch)
  • Ella Jaakkola (Finnish)
  • Kaycie Chase (French)
  • Franziska Trunte (German)
  • Yro Michalakaku (Greek)
  • Margherita De Risi (Italian)
  • Adi Varlev (Hebrew)
  • Takeshi Nishikawa (Japanese)
  • Moon Nam-Sook (Korean)
  • Meli G (Latin America)
  • Melissa Gedeon (Latin America, movie speaking voice)
  • Sofie Bjerketvedt (Norwegian)
  • Magdalena Wasylik (Polish)
  • Soraia Tavares (Portuguese)
  • Cătălina Chirƫan (Romanian)
  • Wang Xiao (Simplified/Traditional Chinese)
  • Awang Tao (Simplified/Traditional Chinese, singing voice)
  • Inés Alba Hidalgo (Spanish)
  • Anna Isbäck (Swedish)
  • Dolunay Pircioǧlu (Turkish)



  • In the original script, Alia lived in the sewers with a psychic pumpkin boy named Gordy. The plot was changed for the final version.
  • Alia is probably at least 16 years old, because she's on her learner's permit and learning to drive, and one has to be 16 years old to drive.
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